Automox Joins the Cloud Security Alliance


Automox, the leader in cloud-based IT endpoint management solutions, announced that it has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment.

In joining CSA, Automox is positioned at the forefront of secure cloud computing and able to share its expertise in groundbreaking automated endpoint management with CSA’s security landscape. Automox is a vanguard in cloud-based IT automation. With a dedicated focus on reducing complexity and cost, Automox’s platform provides IT professionals with the tools they need to assertively patch endpoints, fix vulnerabilities, and recapture IT teams’ valuable time. The company’s pioneering approach to endpoint management now joins CSA’s mission of promoting best practices for secure cloud computing. Together, Automox and CSA chart a course for safer, more reliable cloud interactions for organizations worldwide.

“We are excited to join the CSA — the leading authority on cloud security,” says Tom Bowyer, Director, Security at Automox. “Our membership allows us to contribute our strengths in cloud endpoint management automation and gain invaluable insights from other industry leaders. We aim to not only grow with the CSA but also shape the future of cloud security together.”

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“We are excited for Automox to be joining CSA as they bring a refreshing perspective that resonates with our core values,” said Jim Reavis, CSA CEO and co-founder. “Endpoint automation has largely been ignored in the industry’s move to cloud solutions, and we look forward to Automox sharing their expertise with the CSA community to address those gaps.”

SOURCE: GlobeNewsWire

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