Bechtle Clouds supports dynamic business development with Netcracker revenue management and expanded use of digital marketplaces


Netcracker Technology has announced that Bechtle Clouds, a subsidiary and long-time customer of Bechtle, Germany’s largest IT systems company, will Netcracker Digital Marketplace ( Management) and Netcracker Digital Marketplace have entered into a multi-year agreement to further support the company’s dynamic and rapidly growing business.

Bechtle Clouds, Bechtle’s multi-cloud service provider, offers comprehensive cloud solutions and services to a growing customer base. Netcracker’s cloud integration platform, which the company will expand its use of through this partnership, is a core component of Netcracker Integration & API Management , and provides a large-scale, high-capacity framework for low-code cloud integration and advanced operations management. Enable automation to improve business performance and agility.

The expanded partnership with NetCracker will enable Bechtle Clouds to quickly introduce new cloud vendors and products, acquire customers with superior digital experiences and dedicated marketing campaigns, and manage catalogs and customer portal experiences across brands, currencies, and languages. Bechtle Clouds enables you to expand into new regions in Europe, and accelerates automation to support large-scale deployments with Bechtle Clouds.

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“Our partner Netcracker has a reputation for reliability and innovation and is working closely with us. As a result, we have achieved “We have not only achieved great success, but we are also determined to continue working with Netcracker to achieve our ambitious expansion plans.”

Sylvain Seignoir, President of Netcracker, said: “We are very proud to be a partner of Bechtle Clouds, which aims to be the best multi-cloud service provider in Europe. This project includes major upgrades and partner integrations. “We have already achieved significant milestones, and with this new partnership, we look forward to even greater success for Bechtle Clouds and the ability to offer even more services to our customers.”

SOURCE: BusinessWire

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