Catalyte Launches Its New AI Advisory Services Offering


Catalyte has announced the launch of its new AI advisory services offering. Building on the company’s nearly quarter century of AI leadership, these advisory services are designed to help organizations cut through the current technology hype and harness the power of AI to drive positive business results. Catalyte’s expert consultants can help develop AI roadmaps, ensuring secure implementation of new technologies and allowing organizations to gain powerful, actionable insights.

“AI is in our DNA,” said Curt Schwab, president of on demand at Catalyte. “For almost 25 years, we’ve developed and leveraged our own proprietary AI to discover, develop and deploy high-quality talent. We’ve lived through the hype cycles around big data, machine learning and now GenAI. Our consultants are experts at identifying high-value business and technology activities and deliver practical, actionable roadmaps that organizations can quickly and easily implement.”

As part of the new AI advisory services, Catalyte is offering an two-day, intensive AI roadmap workshop. Customizable to an organization’s specific requirements, the workshop is designed specifically for business leaders who want to understand more about AI. Attendees will leave with a full understanding of AI basics, practical examples of how AI is revolutionizing their market, ability to identify AI opportunities within their organization and a strategic planning roadmap for an AI initiative, including data requirements, technology stack, resource allocation and cost analysis.

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“Many organizations are struggling with ‘paralysis-by-analysis’ when it comes to AI,” said Chris Sorel, AI advisory practice lead at Catalyte. “We’re here to help them make sense of AI in a way that has a direct and immediate impact on their business. What specific AI initiatives will benefit them the most? What skills do their employees need to implement them? What ethical, legal and security protocols do they need to develop that limit risk and keep their data safe and compliant? Those are the types of real-world solutions that Catalyte provides.”

In addition to strategy, planning and other advisory services, Catalyte brings its long experience in project-based application development using AI technologies to help organizations implement AI for productivity, concierge and custom application development.