Celigo Sets New Standards in Integration with AI, Prebuilt Solutions, and Unprecedented Connectivity


Celigo, the leading integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for business and IT users, announced the release of its April Platform update, introducing a suite of advanced features and enhancements. This release is a testament to Celigo’s commitment to innovation, simplifying complex integrations, and empowering businesses with scalable solutions for digital transformation and automation.

Highlights of the April Release:

  • AI-powered SQL Queries: The introduction of AI-generated SQL queries for the NetSuite JDBC connector, an API for working with databases, allows users to convert plain language into SQL queries effortlessly, democratizing data management by enabling those without SQL expertise to manage data configurations efficiently.
  • Acceleration through Prebuilt Flow Steps: Organizations can now integrate a vast library of prebuilt assets from the Celigo ecosystem into their workflows, eliminating the need to start from scratch with a variety of ready-made options that align with specific integration needs. Users now have the option to clone a flow step from their account or select a widely-used resource from the marketplace, facilitating quicker and more efficient integration outcomes.
  • Simplified Sheets Exports: This enhancement greatly simplifies exporting data from applications like Google Sheets and Smartsheet. Headers are easily visualized as columns, and data is presented in a key:value format, streamlining the integration of sheet data into downstream processes and improving business process efficiency.

Elevating Integration: Fresh Connectors and Metadata

Using its innovative connector metadata utility to scrape webpage data or utilize OpenAPI specifications, Celigo has cut new connector development time by over 50%, leading to a record release of prebuilt connectors and reinforcing its leadership in integration solutions.

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Key Connector Enhancements:

  • Financial Operations: Oracle Financials Cloud and Pigment connectors now offer enhanced financial visibility and operational efficiency, facilitating advanced real-time financial reporting and compliance management.
  • Customer Engagement: New connectors for Smile.io, Okendo, Bazaarvoice, Reviews.io, and Affirm revolutionize customer engagement, enriching customer profiles and facilitating a seamless loyalty and review management ecosystem.
  • Marketing and Sales: A suite of new connectors, including Pinterest, Hootsuite, Snapchat, Lexer, Bluecore, Treasure Data, Customer.io, Postscript, Chorus, and Retently, enhances marketing capabilities and sales strategies, enabling businesses to engage more deeply with their audience.
  • E-commerce and Digital Experience: Integration with Bloomreach and Oracle Eloqua drives increased engagement and conversions through personalized content and product recommendations, setting a new standard in e-commerce and digital marketing.

“In this April update, we’ve focused squarely on what matters most: making our users’ lives easier,” said Matt Graney, Chief Product Officer at Celigo. “With AI-driven SQL query generation, enhancements in exposing prebuilt flow steps, and more intuitive data exports from sheets, we’re cutting down on complexity. And, by speeding up connector development, we’re opening up a world of integration possibilities. It’s about practical solutions that make a real difference.”

Celigo’s April Platform update marks a significant milestone in the integration domain, delivering enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and user-friendly features. By empowering users with AI capabilities, a comprehensive suite of connectors, and prebuilt flow steps, Celigo continues to pioneer the future of integration.

SOURCE: BussinessWire