Constella Introduces Advanced Know Your Employee (KYE) Solution, Redefining Internal Identity Risk Management


In response to the urgent need for advanced internal identity risk and threat management, Constella Intelligence proudly announced its groundbreaking Advanced Know Your Employee (KYE) solution. In an era marked by complex remote work arrangements and sophisticated cybercrime and fraud, Constella’s innovative solution promises unparalleled visibility into internal risks and threats, setting a new standard for safeguarding organizations.

Constella’s Advanced KYE solution revolutionizes internal vetting and verification by combining it’s cutting-edge ID Fusion AI profiling engine with the world’s most extensive data lake comprising over 1 trillion recaptured assets sourced from the surface, deep, and dark web. With this groundbreaking solution, organizations can now identify synthetic identities and other internal identity risks with unprecedented accuracy and depth.

“In the wake of escalating cyber threats and the rapid shift to remote work, Constella’s Advanced KYE solution emerges as a critical response to the heightened demand for robust internal identity risk management,” said Chris Kissel, IDC Research Vice President, Security & Trust. “Constella’s innovative approach promises a new level of visibility into internal threats in an age where data security is paramount, helping to fortify organizational resilience and ensuring peace of mind for stakeholders at every level.”

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Designed to empower organizations with proactive risk mitigation strategies, Constella’s Advanced KYE solution offers unmatched capabilities:

  • Insider Monitoring: Identify and address potential threats arising from fraudulent or criminal activity through continuous, comprehensive scanning.
  • Contractor and Portfolio Monitoring: Safeguard investments and supply chain integrity with ongoing insights into contractor activities.
  • Fraudulent Employee Provisioning: Enhance traditional background checks by uncovering potential risk factors inaccessible through public and credit data alone.

For the financial sector and other industries where regulatory compliance and data security are paramount, Constella’s Advanced KYE solution delivers critical advantages:

  • Synthetic and Fake Identity Detection: Leveraging Constella’s proprietary ID Fusion engine, uncover synthetic and fake identities crafted to deceive and exploit organizations.
  • Insider Threat Digital Monitoring: Detect and mitigate risky activities perpetrated by millions of digital fraudsters, including hackers, information sellers, and money launderers.

Constella’s Advanced KYE solution provides actionable data insights, including Synthetic & Fake Identity Scoring and Malicious Risk Scoring, enabling informed decision-making and proactive risk mitigation strategies.

“Constella’s Advanced KYE represents a paradigm shift in internal identity risk management,” said Kevin Senator, CEO at Constella. “Amid today’s complex and ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, Constella remains committed to equipping organizations with the cutting-edge tools they need to fortify their digital assets and combat internal threats with precision and confidence.”