Contify Launches Copilot, A Conversational Interface That Delivers Trusted AI Responses Grounded With Fact-Based Knowledge Graph


Contify, a Market and Competitive Intelligence platform, has announced the launch of Contify Copilot. It is a conversational interface for users to receive instant and accurate answers to their intelligence questions, eliminating the need to sift through large volumes of information.

Last month, Contify introduced Insights, which harnesses the power of Knowledge Graphs to enrich the Large Language Model (LLM) with factual data. By combining these two complementary technologies, Contify Insights has addressed GenAI limitations, such as hallucinations (accuracy), explainability (attribution), and coverage gaps (black box).

Unlike other AI chatbots or copilots that are heavily dependent on LLMs, Contify Copilot leverages the Insights’ Knowledge Graph and uses the RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) technique to generate answers from reliable information, ensuring accuracy, precision, and trust.

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As quoted by Mohit Bhakuni, Founder and CEO of Contify; “We are deploying responsible and reliable AI at Contify. We have developed sufficient guardrails to control the unpredictable nature of GenAI so that our users can trust AI responses generated by Contify. Copilot will function more than just as a chatbot. It will be like a research analyst, providing Contify users with accurate and reliable strategic intelligence.”

Contify Copilot operates with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s competitive landscape, which enables it to provide answers that users can trust. This launch marks another significant step towards Contify‘s vision to build intelligence as a core capability to help teams across organizations make strategic decisions.


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