Coupa and Bottomline partner to optimize and streamline payments


Coupa, the margin multiplier company, and Bottomline, a global leader in business payments, announced a strategic partnership to simplify digital payment processes for businesses. Coupa can now connect to Paymode-X, Bottomline’s business payments network that offers Premium ACH, to automate payments from buyers to suppliers.

Coupa Pay offers a single platform for managing all business payments across different countries and currencies. By utilizing the Premium ACH offering, customers will further optimize their payment stack, enhance payment security, receive more payment rebates, and improve their overall source-to-pay experience. Premium ACH is a powerful extension of the Coupa platform and requires no data or technology integration, or additional storage.

Leveraging the Paymode-X network’s leading fraud prevention capabilities, Coupa Pay will be able to offer enhanced security for payments made to suppliers who prefer to accept Premium ACH as a payment method.

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With Premium ACH, suppliers receive enhanced data and reconciliation information, as well as rich reporting, and can lower their cost of payment acceptance. Providing this important data and reconciliation, Premium ACH helps strengthen relationships between payers and their suppliers.

“We are delighted to partner with a leader in source-to-pay (S2P) to modernize and fully digitize payment processes between buyers and suppliers. By integrating Paymode-X with Coupa Pay, payments are simplified for buyers and suppliers,” said Jeff Feuerstein, SVP Commercial & Payment Product Management, Paymode-X at Bottomline. “Coupa customers can unlock more value by paying suppliers using Premium ACH, which continues to drive increased value for members of the Paymode-X network.”

“Businesses today are all striving to deliver greater results with more efficiency. This partnership with Coupa and Bottomline optimizes payment processes and drives business results at scale. By automating the entire payment lifecycle through Bottomline’s secure payments network, businesses also benefit from stronger supplier relationships by improving payment timeliness and providing better data visibility,” said Bill Wardwell, General Manager of Coupa Pay and Treasury.

The partnership is the first launched through Bottomline‘s network-as-a-service solution, announced last October. The new offering opens the Paymode-X network’s 550,000+ authenticated suppliers and the network’s proprietary Premium ACH payment type to Coupa Pay customers.


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