Equinix Expands Cloud Adjacent Storage Portfolio with Dell Technologies


Equinix, Inc., the world’s digital infrastructure company, announced the availability of Dell PowerStore on Equinix Metal, a new, enterprise-grade Storage as a Service (STaaS) solution. Dell PowerStore on Equinix Metal with flexible configurations can help enterprises manage a wide range of high-performance multicloud workloads through low-latency connectivity with proximity to major public clouds.

Businesses are increasingly seeking flexible storage solutions that accelerate data collection and distribution, thus offering faster time to value, according to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Dell PowerStore on Equinix Metal delivers scalable and flexible storage—with the option to burst by 25% above committed capacity—to meet market demands and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) while effectively optimizing resources, accelerating agility and driving innovation.

The Dell PowerStore on Equinix Metal service offering allows enterprises to view, manage and globally deploy storage, compute and networking, achieving simplified infrastructure management and reduced operational overhead. The comprehensive single-tenant storage solution is designed for cloud adjacent environments: with more private cloud on-ramps inside Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers than anywhere else in the world, customers benefit from fast, secure and scalable access to public cloud providers.

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“Businesses need storage solutions that allow them to be more agile and get the most out of their hybrid multicloud architectures,” said Merrie Williamson, Chief Customer and Revenue Officer at Equinix. “By combining the powerful capabilities of Dell PowerStore with Equinix’s global platform, we are giving them the low-latency, high-performance connectivity they require without sacrificing on security or breaking their budget.”

Key benefits of Dell PowerStore on Equinix Metal include:

  • Integrated and Cloud Adjacent: Leverage a cloud adjacent approach, choose a combination of Dell Technologies deployment options and position storage and compute resources close to public cloud services. Maintain control in a low-latency, high-performance environment that offers seamless integration and private connectivity.
  • Financial Flexibility: The solution is delivered as a service (aaS), with the ability to burst above committed levels, providing the opportunity for significant cost saving compared to purchasing storage hardware and software upfront.
  • Globally Available: The service is available in more than 30 Equinix Metal markets including Brazil, with a storage entry point of 25 tebibytes.
  • Simplified Global Deployments: Deploy easily and in more locations with hardware and software jointly operated by Dell and Equinix.
  • Security and Compliance: Single-tenant appliances with always-on, enterprise-grade, multi-layer data encryption ensure the highest level of data protection. Designed to meet industry compliance standards, regulatory requirements are addressed with ease.
  • Persistent Data: Data persists across Metal server restarts, enabling a range of use cases—from mission-critical transactions to disaster recovery.
  • Performance and Control: Achieve sub-millisecond latency with colocated compute from Equinix Metal and storage from Dell PowerStore. This combination delivers higher performance while maintaining end-to-end control over your data.

The Dell Partner First Strategy for Storage provides predictability and opportunities for partners to work together to deliver solutions for customers, including Dell PowerStore on Equinix Metal. This STaaS solution, available via channel partners later this year, expands the portfolio of options for Dell partners.

SOURCE: Equinix