Expanded Planar WallDirector Platform Introduces First-of-Its-Kind Remote Management Services for Display Monitoring


Planar, a global leader in visualization technology, announced an expansion of the Planar WallDirector family with the release of the Planar WallDirector Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) display fleet management application. As a cloud-native platform, Planar WallDirector Cloud allows users to remotely manage the overall health and performance of their Planar LED and LCD displays and hardware from a centralized location.

Aggregating multiple data sources into a secure and intuitive dashboard view, Planar WallDirector Cloud gives users quick access to the information they need to make informed decisions about their display solution. This includes monitoring system health and incidents, as well as evaluating and troubleshooting alerts.

Planar WallDirector Cloud introduces the industry leader’s first ever software service designed to monitor and manage Planar hardware, helping the industry leader further simplify display management as well as elevate the company’s unmatched customer service and support.

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“We’re excited to present a new level of customer engagement and support with the debut of Planar WallDirector Cloud,” said Robert Detwiler, senior director of product management and training at Planar. “This first-of-its-kind remote management application offers users a comprehensive look at the health and performance of their display solution via an intuitive dashboard view that helps reduce the need for physical on-site maintenance.”

Leveraging today’s current best practices for cloud architecture, Planar WallDirector Cloud is specifically designed to work with Planar LED and LCD display solutions, enabling users to remotely monitor and manage health and performance even when displays are deployed in different facilities or geographies. Supported Planar LED and LCD systems communicate with Planar WallDirector Cloud through standard web protocols. The solution is also designed for scalability and security, and requires no additional hardware or software. In the event Planar support is needed, customers can easily open tickets with Planar Technical Support via Planar WallDirector Cloud’s one-click support request. The company’s team of technical experts will receive a user-defined description and system information to accelerate time to resolution for users.

With Planar WallDirector Cloud’s selection of convenient view options, users can organize their monitoring and routine diagnostics performance to best meet their individual need. This includes the ability to filter by location, priority, device type or even an entire fleet of displays deployed across multiple locations.

The new web-based monitoring application joins the popular Planar WallDirector Video Controller (VC) family of compact and scalable video processors and powerful web-based Plana  WallDirector OS management application. Planar WallDirector Cloud’s remote monitoring builds on the Planar WallDirector platform’s support for maximized Planar LED and LCD video wall performance as well as multiple video source switching, layout and configurations.

SOURCE: BusinessWire

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