Gigamon Launches Power of 3 Cloud Integration Initiative with Dynatrace and Trace3 to Deliver Deep Observability Solution to Joint Customers


Gigamon, a leading deep observability company, announced a new initiative to help customers gain greater visibility to better secure and manage their hybrid cloud infrastructure. The Gigamon Power of 3 Cloud Integration Initiative uniquely brings together Gigamon, a Gigamon channel partner, and a leading networking, security, or observability technology alliance partner, providing customers with access to technology integrations and support that will help deploy and manage solutions more efficiently.

The first Power of 3 Cloud Integration Initiative offering features channel partner Trace3 and leading observability and security company Dynatrace to deliver a unified view across hybrid cloud infrastructure by integrating the Dynatrace platform with the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, sold and serviced by Trace3.

“Now more than ever our customers are looking for greater efficiencies – in time, resources, and proven technologies,” said Dee Dee Acquista, vice president of Worldwide Channel Sales at Gigamon. “By establishing the Power of 3 Cloud Integration Initiative, we’re able to combine the expertise of our specialized channel partners and with our proven technology alliance partner integrations. This trifecta allows us to more quickly and efficiently deliver the security and networking solutions our customers need to efficiently secure and manage hybrid cloud infrastructure.”

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Dynatrace, Gigamon, and Trace3: Delivering Deep Observability to Advance Customers’ Security Posture

By combining the Dynatrace platform with the network-derived intelligence and insights from the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, Trace3 can now offer customers a deep observability solution that brings a whole new level of visibility across hybrid cloud infrastructure. The addition of robust network telemetry from Gigamon supports a range of use cases for the Dynatrace platform, allowing customers to proactively detect vulnerabilities in open-source and third-party components, while gaining visibility into lateral movement across hybrid cloud environments. This powerful combination enables organizations to shift to a proactive security posture so they can focus on building customer trust and mitigating business and technical risk.

Trace3, a leading technology consultancy, has been a Gigamon partner since 2013, and brings design, implementation, and services expertise to this Power of 3 combination.

The new integrated solution will enable customers to:

  • Gain deep observability across hybrid cloud infrastructure to eliminate blind spots.
  • Generate actionable insights into security and performance issues using AI-based tools for predictive and prescriptive analysis.
  • Reduce Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) and accelerate Mean Time to Innocence (MTTI) by efficiently going from issue detection to identification to resolution.

“Working with Gigamon, we’ve long recognized the value of bringing network telemetry data into security, observability, and cloud tools for our clients that are grappling with the complexity of managing and securing hybrid cloud infrastructure,” said Chris Nicholas, SVP, Cloud Solutions Group at Trace3. “With the integration of Dynatrace and Gigamon solutions, we’re able to bring deep observability to our customers that are looking to advance their security posture across their entire hybrid cloud infrastructure. Our team is trained and knowledgeable on this technology, further accelerating our ability to help customers execute on their cloud transformation initiatives.”

“Customers increasingly report being overwhelmed with the complexity and massive scale of today’s hybrid and multi-cloud environments and look to Dynatrace for a single, unified observability and security platform to improve application performance, end-user experience, and developer productivity,” said Bob Wambach, vice president of product marketing at Dynatrace. “Bringing Gigamon network telemetry data into the Dynatrace platform provides NetOps, CloudOps, and Security teams with deep observability into application traffic running across data centers and multi-cloud environments to help identify and resolve issues before they impact business.”

SOURCE: BusinessWire