Satori and Collibra Integrate for a Unified Governance Experience that Enables Secure Data Access for AI Users and Projects


Satori, the industry’s leading data security platform, announced further integration with Collibra, a leading data intelligence platform. This integration provides users with unified and cohesive data management and governance, compliance, and security so that organizations are AI-ready. Read more about the integration between Satori and Collibra.

AI users rely on Collibra’s Data Intelligence Platform to improve AI model effectiveness and reduce data risk. Sensitive data is interspersed within the diverse and often large datasets used by AI projects. This presents both a security and resource-intensive burden for data teams. These teams need to locate sensitive data, classify this data appropriately, and then apply the applicable security policies before providing access to users. This severely burdens data teams and hampers the flow of data within the organization, reducing data scientists’ ability to generate analysis.

Integrating Satori and Collibra accelerates secure data access for Collibra users and relieves the burden on data teams by automating tasks such as locating sensitive data and applying security policies. This speeds up the data flow for AI projects while reducing security risks and removing the burden on data teams. Users benefit from transparent data management capabilities that identify sensitive data, apply security policies, and enforce these policies across datasets and users.

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Data teams are often tasked with continually locating sensitive data and granting or revoking access to data scattered across a data stack. The ability to unify, simplify, and easily apply predefined security policies “on-the-fly” means that data teams are assured that secure data access is seamless and consistent. AI projects and Collibra Data Citizens gain access to data faster by automatically applying governed security policies.

Through the integration with Satori, Collibra users can shop for their data sources, datasets, and data assets triggering a workflow that grants them secure access to data. AI projects and Collibra Data Citizens gain a tailored experience that centralizes and automates the ability to understand data access controls.

“Governance for data and AI projects require companies to take a holistic approach starting from developing the right data products and models, to cataloging and documenting them and finally making them available for consumption,” said Eldad Chai, CEO and co-founder of Satori. “This last part of making data products available for consumption has been a bottleneck in the whole process for years.  The combination of Collibra‘s Data Intelligence Platform with Satori’s just-in-time data access introduces a simple and secure way for organizations to scale their AI and analytics projects while staying on top of data governance.”


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