SoundHound AI Spotlights Voice AI Innovation at 2024 Viva Technology Conference


SoundHound AI, Inc., a global leader in voice artificial intelligence, announced its participation in Viva Technology 2024, taking place from May 22 to May 25 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Attendees of the conference will have the opportunity to experience its best-in-class voice AI solutions across the restaurant and automotive industries.

Based in Santa Clara, CA, SoundHound AI offers voice AI technology that allows businesses to deploy fully conversational voice assistants. The company’s platform understands the complexity of natural human speech with speed and accuracy, meaning users can just speak as though they were talking to another person.

Visitor Experience at Booth #D26-004: Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with two core products:

  • Dynamic Interaction: Try out SoundHound’s flagship restaurant ordering interface, a multimodal experience that accommodates both voice and touch input, and responds with audiovisual output, replicating a real drive-thru ordering experience.
  • SoundHound Chat AI: SoundHound’s in-vehicle automotive technology – the first in the world to offer integrated generative AI – will beaccessible via an interactive big screen demo.

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For the first time ever at Viva Tech, SoundHound will demonstrate its category-defining Dynamic Interaction drive-thru ordering AI in front of European audiences. The conference will also mark a global debut for Vehicle Intelligence – a feature of SoundHound Chat AI that allows drivers to access the car manual just using their voice.

These best-in-class examples showcase how the latest generation of AI-fueled voice technology is enabling seamless verbal interactions between consumers and brands – and hastening the SoundHound’s vision of the voice commerce ecosystem of the future.

Pedram Faghfouri, Senior Director of Product, Automotive & IoT for SoundHound AI will also be speaking on The Discovery Stage at Viva Technology 2024 about the company’s best-in-class voice AI and use cases on Thursday, May 23 at 12:30am.

“We’re excited to unveil Dynamic Interaction and Vehicle Intelligence to a global audience at Viva Technology 2024, showcasing how our advanced AI-driven voice solutions are revolutionizing the way consumers interact with their favorite brands and businesses.” said Faghfouri. “At SoundHound, we believe that speaking is the most natural way to interact with devices and services, and will soon be the preferred interface for these interactions. Our presence at the conference highlights our commitment to voice-enabling the world with conversational intelligence.”

SoundHound Chat AI became the first generative AI-enabled in-vehicle voice assistant globally in April 2023, and were the first to go into full production with Stellantis DS Automobiles in February 2024. In March, the company announced a new on-chip voice AI solution that made many of SoundHound Chat AI Automotive’s core capabilities available without cloud connectivity using the NVIDIA DRIVE platform. SoundHound AI also recently announced a partnership with Perplexity, the conversational AI-powered answer engine, to bring Perplexity’s online LLM capabilities to SoundHound Chat AI.

SOURCE: SoundHound