Wizeline Unveils AI.R+: The Next Generation of Tech Services Powered by Generative AI


In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, Wizeline, a leading AI-powered software engineering company, announced AI.R+, its next-generation operating framework harnessing the power of generative AI (GenAI). With Gartner predicting more than 80% of enterprises will leverage GenAI by 2026, Wizeline’s AI.R+ positions the company as a leader in empowering clients to unlock groundbreaking solutions, work smarter, and achieve exponential outcomes.

“As the tech landscape embraces AI, companies require an experienced ‘accelerant’ to navigate emerging technologies and unlock true potential,” said Andres Angelani, CEO, Wizeline. “Wizeline’s AI.R+ enables us to achieve this by putting AI at the heart of all we do in order to deliver quantifiable results that propel our clients’ growth. Just as important, we do this responsibly, ensuring AI serves as a strategic value-creator.”

AI at the Core: Delivering Results Responsibly

Wizeline AI.R+ prioritizes AI as a core component of its DNA. The focus of this operating framework translates into three key pillars:

  • WIZEBrain: Powered by a foundation of data engineering, MLops, and cloud computing, WIZEbrain leverages AI augmentation to revolutionize the software development lifecycle. By documenting WIZEBrain evidence in an intelligent library, we’re able to share and implement best-practices at scale, driving company-wide innovation and AI excellence.
  • WIZECores: WIZECores is a collection of AI building blocks that enables Wizeline to expedite the development of cutting-edge industry solutions. Much more than just prototypes; WIZECores are powerful accelerators that demonstrate the disruptive potential of AI in real-world applications.
  • WIZEAcademy: Recognizing the ever-evolving AI landscape, WIZEAcademy prioritizes continuous learning and development specifically focused on AI. This comprehensive initiative aims to elevate talent, bridge skill gaps, and future-proof careers for Wizeline’s workforce, community, and clients.

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“We’re committed to partnering with like-minded organizations that embrace and implement AI effectively and responsibly,” added Angelani. “Through our partnerships and AI.R+ framework, Wizeline is simplifying access to cutting-edge AI, empowering clients to unlock its transformative potential.”

SOURCE: GlobeNewsWire